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How To Fix Wemo Firmware Update Error?

Your Wemo device will ask you to upgrade its firmware whenever an update is available. If you Update Wemo Firmware, you Wemo device will function properly or else, it may create a problem. Wemo users fail to update the firmware when they lose network connection while conducting the process. Sometimes, when you are able to update the firmware, it might not work. Therefore, it serves as an obstruction to users and they receive a Wemo firmware update error message.  

If you encounter an error while updating Wemo firmware, inform our customer support team. We will fix it for you.

The issue generally arises due to turned off Wemo device and disconnectivity issue with the mobile device where user’s Wemo App is installed are the topmost reasons. So, to avoid future problems, fix Wemo firmware update error with appropriate guidelines delivered at your desk. However let us introduce more about the concept. When a firmware update is available for your Wemo device, the Wemo App will automatically prompt users to update a firmware. Well, it is also essential that users should update the firmware of their Wemo device to properly ensure its functionality.

Causes Of Failure In Update Wemo Firmware

The update of Wemo firmware may fail if your router has a power saving feature. It causes connectivity problems for low traffic devices. The issue can arise when your Wemo device lacks a proper setup.  The range extender of your router can lead to connectivity error. When your Wemo app does not work, the update will fail. If your device is not having the latest version of the Wemo controller app, the problem will arise. Problem with hardware acceleration in your Wemo device can lead to the malfunctioning of your Wemo device. For some Wemo users, the problem arises from your router itself. As a result, your router may not support the update of the firmware.

Steps to Fix Wemo Firmware Update Error are as follows:

Wemo Firmware Update Error

Step 1: Not prompted to do firmware update

  • As suggested by Belkin router Support team, tap on “Download” icon which is just above the device list section.  A pop-up message will now appear to easily confirm about the download by tapping “Yes’ button.
    Users now need to tap on the gear icon and check whether there is new “Firmware Update Available” section visible.
  • Tap on “read all release notes” to accept these update.
    When the firmware is available then, proceed with the download method.  To fix Wemo firmware update error, this step is considered as an essential one.

Step 2: Resolve update when it is showing that the Wemo is not updated

  • Wemo will now download all updated firmware before it starts to update the device.  This is done to ensure that all the files are accurate and Wemo device will is not damaged.
  • However if the Wemo device is not able to download its needed update then, try to position closer to the router device first to avoid a any kind of interference.
  • When the firmware is available, make sure that your have updated the Wemo device.

Step 3: Resolve issue confined to Wemo devices is not updated

  • To fix Wemo firmware update error, make sure that you have closed the Wemo App completely.  Have a check whether it is running in the background or not
  • Unplug all the upgraded Wemo devices and click on The Wemo App which will notify users if a firmware update is available or not.  Tap on “Yes” icon to proceed.
  • Well, when the firmware is available, proceed with its download process

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Alternate Method To Fix Wemo Firmware Update Error

Switch on your Wemo device and connect it directly to the internet through a router. Your Wemo device and mobile with the Wemo app should access the internet connection. Tap Wemo on your mobile and select the icon of download above the list of devices. Open the ‘Firmware Update Available” section to find the updates available. Then you will be able to proceed with the update. But, if you do not find any download link or firmware update available, uninstall and reinstall your Wemo app on your device. Bring your Wemo device and router close to each other. Try not to use internet connection for other purposes.

When you start upgrading Wemo firmware, Wemo will first download and then upgrade it. It will ensure that the file is correct and will prevent the Wemo device from further damage. For updating your firmware, use a certified software. Close the Wemo app as it may run in the background. If the lights on your Wemo device are blinking then your firmware is updating. You will get a pop-up message with a ‘Hooray” option when the update is complete. If you tap that option, your Wemo device will reboot. After a few moments, you can update Wemo firmware with ease.

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Update errors tend to recur frequently. When you find that the updated firmware is not functioning, you will be unable to work with your Wemo. Even after following these guidelines, you might face difficulties to achieve your task. Our tech team has years of experience to deal with update errors.

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