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How To Fix iPhone won’t connect to Belkin Routers?

This aforesaid error is caused due to issues in Wi-Fi Settings, Belkin router setting issues, technical problems in encryption as well as passwords related problems. Fix iPhone won’t connect to Belkin Routers with appropriate guidelines available at our expert team. So, we have steps explained below to help users get rid of the problem in easy steps.

Steps to Fix iPhone won’t connect to Belkin Routers are as follows:

iPhone won't connect to Belkin Routers

Step 1: The first and the foremost thing is to turn off and on user’s cellular data by tapping on “Settings’ icon and click on “General” settings. Click to choose “Cellular” icon and move on to the next step

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Step 2: Toggle on Voice Roaming OFF and back ON as suggested by Belkin Router Support team.

Step 3: To Fix iPhone won’t connect to Belkin Routers, just off and on your phone by pressing the “on/off” button until users are getting the red slider. To turn it on, press and hold “on/off” button until users are watching the Apple logo

Step 4: Remove any of the iPhone cases and restart it. It is because our iPhones cases may get in a way to cause cellular signal disrupted easily

Step 5: Check for any carrier update if available by navigating on “Settings” icon and click on “General” option. Tap on “About” icon and if updates are available then, option to work with it  will be visible. It is suggested to update iPhone’s software which is done by tapping on “Settings” icon and “General” option. Choose to click on “Software Update” icon

Step 6: Now, naviaget to the “Settings” icon and click on “Carriers” icon. Turn off all automatic carrier selection while choosing the cellular network on manula mode.

Step 7: Users are advised to remove their “SIM card” and place it back again so that they have an easy process to Fix iPhone won’t connect to Belkin Routers. Switch on to the “Airplane Mode” and turn it off again

Step 8: Reset your network settings by clicking on “Settings” icon and choose “General” icon. Reset your  “Network Settings” by clicking on “Reset” button.

Step 9: Reset all of the settings by naviageting to “Settings” icon. Choose “General” icon and click on “Reset” button

Step 10: Perform a force restart process by tapping on “Power” button and then. Click on “Home” icon till the Apple logo

Step 11: As suggested by expert team, disable LTE. To do this click on “Settings” icon and tap on “Cellular” network. An option known as “Cellular Data” will appear  to enable LTE. Hence, turn it off now. Once done, try and re-enable LTE

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