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How To Fix Belkin N150 Router Orange Light Blinking Error?

Belkin router orange light is not an alarming issue as users usually consider it to be. It can have several reasons. But, users may find it hard to identify the exact one. The light code error can occur due to an ISP issue such as the internet may run sluggishly. There can be a connectivity problem of your modem with the internet port or with the WAN port of the router through ethernet cables. Your router can continuously flash orange light or can blink blue and orange light one after another.

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The issue is caused due to resetting problems and technical faults with cables of the Belkin router. Fix Belkin router N150 orange light blinking error by applying the most effective solution available at our end. Below our expert guidelines are explained by tech support team to help users overcome the issue easily. Let us see what solutions are explained here.

What May Cause The Belkin Router Orange Light Error?

Resetting problems and technical faults associated with ethernet cables of Belkin router are one of the reason. A problem in your modem connection can cause this error as well. If the Belkin router firmware is not up-to-date, it will highlight this orange light error. An incorrect setup of our router is another vital cause. If you do not connect your router properly to your modem, the modem will not recognize the router. Therefore, it will stop serving the internet and the orange light will turn on. The hardware problem of your Belkin router is a severe issue in this case.

Steps to fix Belkin router N150 orange light blinking error

Fix Belkin N150 Router Orange Light Blinking Error

Step 1: At first, try to reset the Belkin router. As suggested by Belkin router Support team, resetting won’t always solve the problem but surely will turn the connectivity in much faster way. So go for it, and reset the Belkin router device now.

Step 2: Secondly, carefully unplug all the LAN cables from the router followed by unplugging the router’s power connector which is there at the back of the device. So go for it now.

Step 3: Now, take a paper clip which will easily fit into the reset hole of the router device. Press and hold the reset button and after a while, reinsert the power cord back but be careful not to press the break in between. Even if the cord has been inserted, keep holding the reset button to fix Belkin router N150 orange light blinking error for at least 15–20 seconds.

Step 4: After 10–20 seconds, the device will restart automatically to boot back to its original factory setting.

Step 5: Once done with the above step, users need to provide the password for their Belkin router. Type the password carefully.  By default it is adjusted to itself but users need to provide their default IP address which is Once done, the Belkin router will get back to its normal functioning mode.

2nd Methods To Fix Belkin N150 Router Orange Light Blinking Error

The procedures to remove Belkin router N150 orange light is similar to that of other Belkin router’s orange light error. So, you can apply them in case of any Belkin router.

The elementary requirement is to ensure that there is an adequate internet connection. Connect your modem to the internet port Belkin router. Power off your modem, wait for a few minutes and turn on the power. Unplug the ethernet cables from Belkin router and plug in again after sometimes. Now, turn on both the modem and router. If you find a yellow or blue light on your router, you have fixed the issue. Otherwise, update the firmware for your Belkin router. You can reset the Belkin router to default settings and restart the modem. Then it is possible for you to set up your router as a new one. Remove problems in the settings of the router and try to remove the technical faults if any. Though I will recommend you to obtain a technical help to carry on this task.

Make sure you are using the right type of internet connection. At times, it may become a necessity to replace your ethernet cable. Therefore, replace the cable and use a new cable to connect your modem with your router. Then reboot your wireless router and check the color of the light. Reboot your Belkin router, modem, and computer, wait for some time to see whether a change comes in the color of the light.

You can identify whether the problem lies with your modem or the internet. Thus, connect your modem to your computer and see if you can access the internet. Use factory restore settings for your router and set up the router again. Another way you can try is to reset the router with the pinhole and reinstall the router. You can fix Belkin router orange light issue with these steps easily.

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