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Cloning Computer’s MAC address to your Belkin Router

Before knowing the steps to Clone Mac Address, it is essential to learn about MAC Address at first. Media Access Control Address is the full form of Mac Address. It is a unique identifier and is allocated to every device at the time of manufacturing so that the Mac Address can be identified when it is on a network.

Before knowing about the Cloning Computer’s MAC address to your Belkin Router, it is essential for all users to know the full form of MAC address. It originally stands for Media Access Control address. Belkin router support experts define this as a unique identifier to be assigned to each and every device while they are in the manufacturing process so that they can easily be identified while working on a network. This is a type of unique number which is generally assigned once, but can’t be changed at all. Some ISPs work with this MAC address to easily identify various devices to assign the internet connection for the device. In this case, only the specific device with that MAC address will be able to access the internet connection and the router will not be able to properly connect to the internet connection and share the internet among other devices.

Why do you need to Clone Mac Address with Belkin Router

Some of the ISPs use the Mac Address to identify the devices and select the internet connection for the device. If this is the case then only that specific device will be able to gain access to internet connection. Furthermore, the router will not be able to connect to the internet and share with your other devices.

This problem can be resolved by Cloning Computer’s MAC address to your Belkin Router. This feature is completely safe and very easy to conduct. This content will showcase the best steps to Clone Mac Address to the Belkin router.

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Steps to Cloning Computer’s MAC address to your Belkin Router

This problem can easily be resolved by directly cloning the MAC address of the computer to the Belkin router which is entirely safe and easy to configure.

Step1: Connecting your PC 

  • Connect the computer to the router with the help of Ethernet cable whose MAC address you wish to clone to your available router.

Step2:  Working with the default IP address

  • Open a web browser and just enter the IP address of the router as guided by Belkin router technical support Default IP address of the router will be automatically be fetched

Step3: Login button  

  • Users are supposed to click on the “Login” button thereafter. Enter the password of the router to easily proceed for the following steps.
  • Leave the Password field blank to get access to the default password only.

 Step4: MAC Address Cloning option

  • On the left side panel, you are supposed to click on the “MAC Address Cloning” option.
  • Click on the “Clone “button and the router will do rest of the work itself. It will further automatically detect the MAC address of the PC and will assign this particular MAC address to itself.

Step5: Apply Changes

  • Click on the “Apply Changes” button to save all the settings.
  • Log out immediately thereafter from the router and power cycle the router as well as a modem by turning them off.
  • At last, you are required to unplug both modem and router for at least 20 seconds and then turn it back on again.
  • Restart the PC as usual.

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