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How to know that someone is Accessing Your Wireless Network?

How to know that someone is Accessing Your Wireless Network?

The security of your wireless network is a significant issue for you. You don’t want that some other person is able to gain access to your Wi-Fi network. This study manual assumes that you are connected to a router either using Wi-Fi connectivity feature or via a network cable. For quick online assistance contact our Belkin Router Customer Support Number +1-800-889-4715.

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To know that some other person is making full use of your network connection, the steps are given below:

Steps to Know someone is Accessing Your Wireless Network

Step 1: In Windows OS

Open your internet browser and enter the IP address of your default gateway

  • To find the IP address, go to Start, input “run” and then type “cmd”.
  • Input ipconfig and press enter. It will display the default gateway. Once you know the address of your default gateway, open your internet browser and input it in the address bar.

Enter the username & password of your router

The default username and password for the Belkin router is “admin”. Go to the administration tab to change the default username and password.

Now take a paper and pen and use the steps given above to find the default gateway to discover your Mac or physical address of all devices/computers which use wireless network in your home. A Mac address is a unique hexadecimal code which identifies every network card in a computer which uses the Ethernet. Two Mac addresses are never similar.

Step 2: In Mac OS X

  • Download and install the application “Who is on my wireless” on your Mac OS X.
  • Click on the scan button to view all computers on the network.
  • Now click on the client list by going to your router. If you view any unknown device there, then use Mac ban to stop the unknown device from using the network.

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