Steps To Upgrade the Downloaded Belkin Router Firmware

Belkin router is one of the most well known routers which is downloaded by thousands of people worldwide but, the work does not stops here. One needs to properly upgrade the firmware on daily basis to keep it updated and properly working. This blog is based on the steps to upgrade the Belkin router which is described by professional Belkin Router Support members. Let’s not waste the time to Upgrade Belkin Router Firmware and go ahead. According to the expert professionals, the firmware can be easily be upgraded via a web-based setup page.

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Steps to Upgrade Belkin Router Firmware

Step 1: Web-based setup

  • Access the web-based setup page by simply opening any of the web browsers which you are using.  On the address bar, simply enter the router’s local IP address.
  • The Belkin router’s default IP address will be in default mode as studied by Belkin Router Technical Support team of experts. If this doesn’t work at all, then do perform a check for the router’s IP address.

Step 2: Login details

  • Click on the “Login” button which is located just at the top-right corner of the page.

Step 3: Managing the password

  • Enter the router’s “Password if you already have one with you.  Otherwise, a user is supposed to leave the field blank and then tap on the “Submit” button.

Step 4: Working with the “utilities” section

  • On the “Utilities” section which is located right in the left navigation panel, you simply need to click on the “Firmware Update” option.

Step 5: Browsing mode

  • Click on the “Browsing mode” option and then search for the file which you saved previously.

Step 6: Click on the open button

  • Selection of the firmware file is to be made and then click on the “Open” button. The firmware version is just an example which you need to follow.
  • The file name may vary depending on user’s router’s model as well as version number.

Step 7: Update option

  • Click on the “Update” option.

Step 8: Upgrade option

  • You will be prompted to continue with the upgrade process next and then click on the “OKbutton.
  • A prompt which will advise you not to turn off or reboot the router at the end of the upgrade will just appear on the screen while you are working with the method.  Click on the “OKmethod.
  • The firmware will then update the status and will simply appear on the screen

Step 9: Wait for a while

  • Once you have updated the process, you simply will be prompted to wait for several other seconds.

Step 10: Rebooting phase

  • Click on the “OK” button just after the router has completed its rebooting process.

Belkin Customer Support number

If you still have any further questions or are facing any serious issue, then please contact to Belkin Router Customer Support department faster.  Call our expert professionals for faster service.