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How To Resolve Belkin Wireless Router Frequent Disconnection Issue?

For the aforesaid error in Belkin routers, the simplest reason is network monitoring issues which causes the device to disconnect on frequent mode. So, below you are explained steps to resolve Belkin wireless router frequent disconnection issue that are also easy for users to apply. When this error will execute, for the very first time users won’t be able to figure out what’s the reason behind it but the reason is all connected to networking issues.  However giving a thought to replace the router won’t really solve your headache and thus instructions are given to help them rectify the cause.

Steps to Resolve Belkin Wireless Router frequent disconnection issue are as follows

Resolve Belkin Wireless Router Frequent Disconnection Issue

Step 1: The first step is to set your device to “Auto” mode where the router will automatically change its channel if too much noise on the current one is detected. The noise will come from anywhere around, but basically from other wireless networks utilizing the very same channel.

Step 2: To resolveBelkin Wireless Router frequent disconnection issue, users are suggested to navigate the new channel. Here the router will remain in a transition state.

Step 3: As suggested by Belkin router Support team, reboot your router to easily get rid of the issue because a fresh new connection will be re-established with all your devices until the next channel switch.

Step 4: To resolveBelkin Wireless Router frequent disconnection issue, now set the router to work with a fixed wireless channel. Perform few needed tests and the best channel is 13 as it does not cause any disconnection issue while working with the router

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