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How to Fix Belkin Router Firmware Update Error Code?

This above issue in Belkin router happens when users are not working with the latest firmware, and thus it is basic to Fix Belkin router firmware update error code on prompt basis.  According to Belkin Router Remote Support experts, an obsolete firmware will start showing issues over time. However, it is most often seen that connectivity as well as performance issues on network devices also arises due to outdated firmware. Before moving ahead with solutions, let us discuss few more facts about the firmware. So, why it is essential to work with an updated firmware. An updated firmware of any router has instructions encoded to help improve the performance of the router device.  Other than above causes for the firmware update error, users can also come across messages by displaying as “unable to update router firmware” or even “software update test failed” completely. Well, in this blog, users will be taken through various steps to rectify the problem in simple ways.

Steps involved to fix Belkin router firmware update error

Step 1: Check for accurate connection type

  • Do ensure that the computer is well connected to router or to the “access point by using an accurate “Ethernet cable”. It is instructed by Belkin Router Online Support expert team to never access the device with the help of wireless connection while attempting to update firmware.
  • The next step is to ensure that users have downloaded the right software version for the router model
  • Make sure that the right kind of file have been selected updating the firmware
  • Now, perform a proper “Power cycle” check and then, try to repeat the process. To power cycle the Belkin router, users need to approach for a professional help
    The last step is to perform a hard reset of the device and then, reconfigure it before repeating the same procedure.

Step 2: Update the Belkin router firmware

  • The very first step is to download the certain file by using the “Browse” button and click the “Update” icon
  • Users will now be asked to continue with process where they need to click the “OK” to continue. An alert will automatically be displayed where users will be asked to click the “OK”.
  • After users are done with the updating process, the device will start its rebooting process. Now, wait for a while until the power light has become in steady phase completely. Once the power light has taken its position in steady phase, enter to the web based setup page by login into it.
  • At last, perform a check whether the error has been resolved completely or not? If not then, approach us at below mentioned contact details.

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