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How To Fix Belkin Router Internet Connection Issue?

There are instances where users will come across unexpected problem with Belkin routers and it may result in internet connection problem. The problem can arise due to lost internet issue, problems in weird internet connection or in wired computers. Fix Belkin router internet connection issue with apt guidelines. Apply some solutions discussed below

Solutions to fix Belkin Router internet connection issue are

Fix Belkin Router Internet Connection Issue

Solution 1: improve lost internet connection of wired and wireless computers

To fix Belkin Router internet connection issue, just unplug the modem, router and the computer from power outlets. Wait for at-least 30 seconds before plugging them back into it.  Re-plug your modem first which is followed by router and computers.  Wait for the lights to stabilize and check for online status.

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Solution 2:  Resolve wired computers do not have internet connection

Check for issue in the physical connections, cables as well as lights on your router. Ensure that lights corresponding to the router’s port has a proper connection to computer. Check whether cables are properly plugged in. Now, check whether the device has a valid IP address from the router.

Solution 3:  Check for connections of wireless computers
As per as Belkin router support service technicians, have a check on below factors such as:
  • Network selection and security
  • Client TCP/IP settings
  • Signal strength
  • Sources of interference
Solution 4:  Check whether you are able to connect to the Wi-Fi

Check whether the wireless settings of routers are well connecting to the computer or device to the network. Check for correct Wi-Fi name, SSID or the password.  Once done, check whether you have correct wireless settings or not? Connect to the computer or device to the network.

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