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How To Configure Belkin Wireless Router As An Internet Gateway?

This is basically for home and for your office.  Before we go further and tell you the steps to configure Belkin wireless router as an internet gateway, these are based on an old version of Belkin “Wireless G router”. But in current trend, there are lots of new versions available in the market.

Steps to configure Belkin wireless router as an internet gateway are

Configure Belkin Wireless Router As An Internet Gateway

Step 1: The first step to configure Belkin wireless router as an internet gateway is to access UTP Ethernet cable and plug into the router to its power. Now, connect the Ethernet cable in any of the given 4 LAN ports which is there on the wireless router.

Step 2: Now, type IP Address “” into the web-browser and press Enter.

Click “Login button” which is there on the Right Hand Side and is on the open Belkin page. Now, return to its detailed page which will show you a logout button.

Step 3: Internet WAN

Now, just under the internet WAN, choose “Connection type” and tap “NEXT” button. A screen will come up and users need to enter IP address provided by ISP. Click “apply changes”  and after sometime, the router will modify it into connected status

Step 4: Configure  your DNS

As per as Belkin router support service technicians, just UN-tick “Automatic from ISP” option and enter DNS IP Addresses properly and apply it.

Step 5: Configure your wireless settings

Enter your SSID, Protected Mode into an Enable protection

Step 6: Configure your wireless security

Here you will come up with four protocols from which you can choose to configure.

Here the option of guests internet is allowed.

Step 7: Configuring LAN settings.

In this section users can decide to modify the LAN IP from the default mode to another one

Step 8: Configuring the Belkin router password now

Here the first thing is to set a password in the wireless router which will help users avoid all security issues. Now, enter a strong password and click Apply.

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