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Belkin Router Won’t Turn On – Workable Solutions

Belkin in a famous brand in term of Routers. But chargers, SmartPhone other peripherals are the different products from the house as well. However, if you are facing this frightening issue of Belkin Router Won’t Turn On, then here is the solution. By studying this article, you will know the causes and the solutions for this problem.

Fix Belkin Router Won’t Turn On Issue: Professional Advice

Belkin router won’t turn on is an issue which occurs due to many factors but here are some of its solutions. Here we are discussing the ways which may be able to fix this issue.

First Step: Turn Off The Switches

As turning on is the initial step before using a router. However, after turning on the router if you face no lights issue then turn off the main power switch at which it is connected.

Second Step: Disconnect All The Wired Connections

After you turn off the power switch, then disconnect all the router wire connections very carefully. Try to detach all the cables without using any external strength. Because if you forcefully disconnect any wire connection, then it may worsen the condition, ending with a damaged wire.

Third Step: Place All The Wires Back To The Place

After the above process gets over then assemble the wires in its perfect areas. This is a time-consuming process as the user needs to check and then place the wires in its desired location.

Fourth Step: Switch On The Power Switch

Before turning on the power switch, again check that all the wires are in perfect place. After the investigation is over then turn on the current switch. And then check whether it works. And if not then it may relate to the hardware related issues.

Common Hardware Related Issues For Which Belkin Router Won’t Turn On

If after following the above procedures still, you are facing this annoying problem then this problem is due to Hardware issues. The causes can be as follows.

Wire Damage

If the power connecting wire gets damaged, then it can be the reason for which you are not able to use the Belkin Router device. In this case, at first, you need to check the router with another wire (it can be a new or from another device), but it needs to support the router. After that connect the router with this perfect condition wire and then by connecting with the power source if it works then you can rest. Otherwise, it may occur due to the below said reason.

Router Gets Damaged

If the above procedures do not work for you, then the cause is the major one, and that is the Belkin Router gets damaged. If this causing the problem, then you can do nothing about it without replacing with the new one. But before coming into a conclusion revise the above processes to check what is the condition of the router.

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Belkin Router Support Number USA +1-800-889-4715 (Toll-Free):-

Belkin Support Number

Applying the instructions from this article, you will be able to resolve the Belkin Router won’t turn on Issue, on your own. If you are facing any issues like this with the Belkin Router, then you can make a call to us on our Belkin Router Customer Support. Our toll- free number is active round the clock. You can send your service queries to us via our official Belkin email address. And to get the instant reply you can also drop your query to our live chat portal. Our technical team is quite expert to provide you with the service


How to Setup Belkin Range Extender? A Step-by-Step Guide

Belkin is famous for its worldwide share of high performance and durability. Due to its brilliant performance from its product, it has emerged as one of the leading routers and extenders manufacturers. Belkin products never disappoint its users. Routers provide signals within a limited barrier that may weaken the signal. To overcome this issue users need a device like Belkin Range Extender. For this reason, they must know how to install the Belkin Range Extender Setup.

In case you are also eager to know the procedure then read the whole article and enhance your knowledge.

Belkin Range Extender Setup

Why You Should Setup Belkin Range Extender?

There are many purposes for which you need to set up the Belkin n300 range extender setup. You can add a wired network as a wireless network to the computer. In other words, you can enhance the coverage of your wireless networking. It gives features like 64- and 128-bit WEP and WPA / WPA2 encryption.

Processes Of Belkin Range Extender Setup

The process of setup the Belkin range extender is an easiest one. Go through the methods listed below.

Solution 1. Setup Belkin Range Extender Using WPS Key

To follow this step, at first, press or hold the WPS button for about 5 seconds on Belkin wifi range extender setup. You will notice that the WPS LED light starts to flicker. It symbolizes that WPS has begun. Now, press and hold down the WPS key that is settled on your Belkin router. After that, plug the Belkin range extender to a power terminal. Finally, use mobile or any computer for browsing the available network. From the list, choose Belkin setup.

Start Your Web browser and go to ‘http://Belkin.range.’ Now, tap on the option “Get Started” that is displayed on the Belkins setup Web page. After that, choose the name of your WiFi from the listing of available networks. Next, put your password of the  WiFi network when needed and choose the option Next. Then, pick the WiFi network one more time and tap on Next. Now, click on the option “Create Extended Network.” You may set up a new username and password for your range extender.

Method 2. Belkin Range Extender Setup Through Belkin Set Up Software

First, plug the machine to a power outlet for starting the process Belkin Range Extender Setup. Always keep in mind, that the extender should be located within the limit of your router’s wireless network.

Next, recognize & connect the setup belkin range extender by your wifi allowed device. Now, start a web browser and type “http://belkin.range” in the address bar and press Enter. Alternatively, you can also type the IP address that is to start Belkin wifi extender setup page. In the next page, choose on the “Get started” icon. There, you can select a wireless network that you require to extend. After finishing the process, select the option “Next”. If you can’t see the network then refresh your device by clicking on the refresh button for once. Now, wait for some time to connect the router to the network. Then, you need to verify the password of your Belkin setup. In case, you are using a dual-band network, then select the second wireless network. And at the final stage, click on OK to proceed.

Additional Tips To Remember

While you are working with Belkin range extender you should keep in mind some additional tips.

Check whether LED is flickering or not. If it does not flicker, then it means that your extension is not connected to wireless networks.

Check whether LED is fixed, in that case, the extender is connected to wireless networks but the signal is weak. It can give a slow performance.

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Dial Belkin Router Support Number +1-800-889-4715 for Instant Help

Belkin Support Number

In case, if the discussed methods are not helpful for you, then you can dial our toll-free support number and give us a call. We have a team of experienced engineers who will solve your issue regarding Belkin Range Extender Setup. Our service is available for 24/7 so, you can call Belkin Router Support Number us at any time of the day. Our engineers work round the clock. You can also email us at our email Id without any hesitation. The professionals are always there to serve you with the best solutions.


How To Set Password On Belkin Router | Quick Hacks To Resolve

Belkin is an electronic device manufacturing company. Power banks, earphones, chargers, and routers are the commonly used products of Belkin. However, to keep your Belkin router secure, you need to set a password. Go through this article to learn How to Set Password on Belkin Router?.

Why Set Password On Belkin Router

There are several reasons for which you need to set a password on your Belkin router. You may want to save your data and ensure complete privacy. If you disclose your router password to anyone, they can misuse it. To protect your data from others, you need to set a password to the Belkin router.

Always keep on changing your Belkin router password to protect your data. Many of the hacking software is also available on the internet to know the password of your router. So by altering the password, you can resolve this data losing issue.

How To Set Password On Belkin Router

By following the below procedures, you will be able to get an idea regarding how to set a password on a Belkin router.

  • Before beginning the procedures of setting a new password in your Belkin router make sure you have a good internet connection setup.
  • At first, you need to open a preferred browser (Safari, Google, Microsoft Edge are the commonly used browsers) in your system.
  • In the address bar type and then hit on the Enter button.
  • Now you will see the setup page of a Belkin Router and then click on the Utility option.
  • Under Utilities, select System Settings option and enter the current password of your Belkin router if have one, otherwise, leave the current password blank.
  • Then at the new password space, set-up your preferable password and re-enter the same on the confirmation Password space.
  • After that click on ‘Apply Changes’.

This will change the password of your Belkin router. Confirm it by entering the new password in your system to check if it works. If not, then you can reset your Belkin Router to change the password.

Reset Belkin Router

By following the above procedures if you are not able to solve your queries regarding how to set a password on Belkin router, then you need to reset your Belkin router. Try the steps below to reset your Belkin router.

  1. At first, you need to turn on the router and then locate the reset button of your router
  2. Press and hold the Reset button with the help of a needle-like pin for 10 seconds.
  3. After that, the router will automatically reboot.
  4. Now follow the procedures regarding how to set a password on Belkin router in order to set a new password.

This is the most effective way to set the password in your Belkin router.

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Dial-up our Belkin Support Number +1-800-889-4715  for Further Assistance

Belkin Support Number

Our technical members believe in providing you with the best possible solutions and affordable Belkin Support for your Belkin router problems. By studying this article, you will be able to learn Set a Password on Belkin Router. If you have any problem to understand the procedures to set a password to your router, you can directly dial Belkin Customer Care Number. You can also chat live with the experts to clear your queries about Belkin router problems. Send a message at the official email address to get the answer to your questions in an instant.

belkin router

How To Power cycle Belkin Home Network?

Belkin router is a small electronic device that helps to connect one or more devices by serving internet connectivity between computer networks. Belkin router is the most trusted brand among users when you need a router at your disposal. One of the most widely used tools of the Belkin router is Power Cycle Router. It can be used when your internet connection is completely lost and it accommodates a secure network connection for the one or more connected devices.

In case, your internet connectivity goes down, Power cycle might be the most effective idea which comes to your mind at first. This article will guide you on how to use the router. You need is to go through the article and see the processes. Before beginning the process, make sure you have disconnected all the device that are connected to your router.

The network power cycle is defined as a term to be highly useful tool for connecting internet when its connection is completely lost. It helps to establish a strong internet connection on one or the entire user’s connected devices. In case of home network, if the connection goes down, one of the first ideas which one should do is to power cycle the Belkin home network properly. Before starting with the process, it’s a request for users to turn “OFF” all the devices that are connected to home network.  All the below steps are recommended by Belkin professional experts on how to power cycle the Belkin home network.

Belkin Home Network

Steps to power cycle Belkin Home Network

Step 1: Working with modem

  • Turn “ON the modem and then wait for it to easily connect to the ISP server.  This will usually take 1 minute or even less time to do

Step 2: Managing the Belkin router

  • Users are again needed to turn on the Belkin router and wait for a while to power light on the device to get it stable first. Move on to next step to precede with the process to power cycle the Belkin home network

Step 3: Managing the wired device

  • Next, users are advised to turn “on the wired devices” and then check for any internet connectivity issues.

Step 4: Working with wireless devices

  • Again turn the wireless devices on and then check for any kind of Internet connectivity issues.

So, I think all your queries related to Belkin router issues have been resolved completely and solutions have been well explained with appropriate steps. But, technical errors are bound to happen one or the other ways. So, users are requested to reach professional help to fix issues whenever occurred

Belkin Customer Support number

Even after following all the above steps if in any case, users are unable to get the desired result then, immediately get in touch with the Belkin Router Customer Support Department for resolving any related issues at much faster rates.

For further queries related to Belkin Router, you can connect with our Belkin Customer Support Number +1-800-889-4715 without any hesitation. Our client service numbers are working 24*7 to serve you with round the clock service at your convenience.

You can contact us via multiple channels of communications. Furthermore, we have solved a number of complex problems with  Power Cycle Router.

In case,  you can’t reach us via call, drop us a mail listing your queries. Our officials will get back to you shortly with useful results without delay. Consult your issues with our tech support team and they will serve you with the earliest troubleshooting methods without taking too much time. We provide our clients with a live chat portal. You can directly talk with our experts. Address your issues via our chat portal and experience real-time assistance with us.


Steps To Upgrade the Downloaded Belkin Router Firmware

Belkin router is one of the most well known routers which is downloaded by thousands of people worldwide but, the work does not stops here. One needs to properly upgrade the firmware on daily basis to keep it updated and properly working. This blog is based on the steps to upgrade the Belkin router which is described by professional Belkin Router Support members. Let’s not waste the time to Upgrade Belkin Router Firmware and go ahead. According to the expert professionals, the firmware can be easily be upgraded via a web-based setup page.

belkin router support

Steps to Upgrade Belkin Router Firmware

Step 1: Web-based setup

  • Access the web-based setup page by simply opening any of the web browsers which you are using.  On the address bar, simply enter the router’s local IP address.
  • The Belkin router’s default IP address will be in default mode as studied by Belkin Router Technical Support team of experts. If this doesn’t work at all, then do perform a check for the router’s IP address.

Step 2: Login details

  • Click on the “Login” button which is located just at the top-right corner of the page.

Step 3: Managing the password

  • Enter the router’s “Password if you already have one with you.  Otherwise, a user is supposed to leave the field blank and then tap on the “Submit” button.

Step 4: Working with the “utilities” section

  • On the “Utilities” section which is located right in the left navigation panel, you simply need to click on the “Firmware Update” option.

Step 5: Browsing mode

  • Click on the “Browsing mode” option and then search for the file which you saved previously.

Step 6: Click on the open button

  • Selection of the firmware file is to be made and then click on the “Open” button. The firmware version is just an example which you need to follow.
  • The file name may vary depending on user’s router’s model as well as version number.

Step 7: Update option

  • Click on the “Update” option.

Step 8: Upgrade option

  • You will be prompted to continue with the upgrade process next and then click on the “OKbutton.
  • A prompt which will advise you not to turn off or reboot the router at the end of the upgrade will just appear on the screen while you are working with the method.  Click on the “OKmethod.
  • The firmware will then update the status and will simply appear on the screen

Step 9: Wait for a while

  • Once you have updated the process, you simply will be prompted to wait for several other seconds.

Step 10: Rebooting phase

  • Click on the “OK” button just after the router has completed its rebooting process.

Belkin Customer Support number

If you still have any further questions or are facing any serious issue, then please contact to Belkin Router Customer Support department faster.  Call our expert professionals for faster service.

belkin router

Cloning Computer’s MAC address to your Belkin Router

Before knowing the steps to Clone Mac Address, it is essential to learn about MAC Address at first. Media Access Control Address is the full form of Mac Address. It is a unique identifier and is allocated to every device at the time of manufacturing so that the Mac Address can be identified when it is on a network.

Before knowing about the Cloning Computer’s MAC address to your Belkin Router, it is essential for all users to know the full form of MAC address. It originally stands for Media Access Control address. Belkin router support experts define this as a unique identifier to be assigned to each and every device while they are in the manufacturing process so that they can easily be identified while working on a network. This is a type of unique number which is generally assigned once, but can’t be changed at all. Some ISPs work with this MAC address to easily identify various devices to assign the internet connection for the device. In this case, only the specific device with that MAC address will be able to access the internet connection and the router will not be able to properly connect to the internet connection and share the internet among other devices.

Why do you need to Clone Mac Address with Belkin Router

Some of the ISPs use the Mac Address to identify the devices and select the internet connection for the device. If this is the case then only that specific device will be able to gain access to internet connection. Furthermore, the router will not be able to connect to the internet and share with your other devices.

This problem can be resolved by Cloning Computer’s MAC address to your Belkin Router. This feature is completely safe and very easy to conduct. This content will showcase the best steps to Clone Mac Address to the Belkin router.

belkin tech support

Steps to Cloning Computer’s MAC address to your Belkin Router

This problem can easily be resolved by directly cloning the MAC address of the computer to the Belkin router which is entirely safe and easy to configure.

Step1: Connecting your PC 

  • Connect the computer to the router with the help of Ethernet cable whose MAC address you wish to clone to your available router.

Step2:  Working with the default IP address

  • Open a web browser and just enter the IP address of the router as guided by Belkin router technical support Default IP address of the router will be automatically be fetched

Step3: Login button  

  • Users are supposed to click on the “Login” button thereafter. Enter the password of the router to easily proceed for the following steps.
  • Leave the Password field blank to get access to the default password only.

 Step4: MAC Address Cloning option

  • On the left side panel, you are supposed to click on the “MAC Address Cloning” option.
  • Click on the “Clone “button and the router will do rest of the work itself. It will further automatically detect the MAC address of the PC and will assign this particular MAC address to itself.

Step5: Apply Changes

  • Click on the “Apply Changes” button to save all the settings.
  • Log out immediately thereafter from the router and power cycle the router as well as a modem by turning them off.
  • At last, you are required to unplug both modem and router for at least 20 seconds and then turn it back on again.
  • Restart the PC as usual.

belkin customer support

Though the steps suggested will assist you to Clone Mac Address, most of the times, users find it hard to get around the technical methods. Contact us via our Belkin router customer support number +1-800-889-4715 to get in touch with our professionals. We are available 24*7 to provide you support service at an affordable rate.

We have a bunch of hard-working and honest experts who provide the suitable methods to get your work done swiftly. Our professionals work hard to come up with viable solutions in order to eliminate your worries. Our aim is to provide 100% assured fixes to your problems and resolve your queries in an efficient manner.

belkin router

A Manual Guide To Easily Configure Belkin Router To Use DHCP

DHCP is a type of protocol which is heavily used to assign IP addresses in an automatic mode over LAN networks. In static method, there will be a network admin or system admin or even a user that are manually assigned IP address on the device. But yes if the number of devices are much more and users don’t wish to take the headache for assigning the IP addresses, then according to it Configure Belkin router support professionals, it becomes so damn time consuming to manually assign IP address to each of the  device. To easily configure a router of this type, then the support of dynamic IP address is needed. So here is A Manual Guide To Easily Configure Belkin Router To Use DHCP by Belkin Support team.

configure belkin router

Steps to Configure Belkin Router To Use DHCP

Step 1: Configure IP Address

First users are supposed to configure the IP address on the Router Fast Ethernet Port section

Step2: Router configuration

  • Configuration of the router to be able to work with DHCP Server is an important step
  • This step further involves two categorized steps that are essential for users to be carried out. The first one is to have a proper creation of a DHCP address pool which can be done by belkin router. The second one is to assign a network subnet directly to the created pool. This network assignment will be completed in two different ways. The first method is a network and subnet mask form. The second method is preceded with a CIDR form.

These are few ways to describe the subnet.

Step 3: Assigning of a gateway to the subnet

Every subnet has its own kind of gateway. It does not really matters what the gateway IP address is given. People will usually give the first IP address in the subnet section as a gateway. Let’s say for example: the IP as the gateway for the created subnet in DHCP as a gateway.


Belkin Customer Support number

So, I think your problem with respect to configuring a router to work with the DHCP is absolutely solved. But still if you come across with any such issues in future, do give us a call at our Belkin router Technical support department for instant help. Call Toll-free +1-800-889-4715 Belkin router customer support number for any issues related above steps.


Steps to Maximize the Speed of Your Internet Connection

How to Maximize the Speed of Your Internet Connection

The speed of your internet connection depends on various factors such as hardware, speed of the network, latest firmware, and proper optimization of network and computer etc. You can try to improve the internet speed of your internet connection. To get instant technical support for Setup Belkin Router, get in touch with us.

belkin router

Part 1: Inspecting Your Network, Connection and Hardware

  • Try to perform a speed test check on your computer to check maximum speed you are receiving from your ISP for uploading or downloading files.
  • You need to restart your modem and router which let you help fixing some type of network issues.
  • Also don’t forget to download the latest firmware update for your router.

Part 2: Enhancing Your Network and Computer

  • Perform virus scans on your computer every week.
  • Also regularly optimize the cache of your internet browser.

Part 3: Hardware Upgrade

  • Upgrade the hardware of your PC.
  • If your PC speed is very slow, then it will also affect the internet speed in your computer. Therefore to enhance the performance of your internet browser you need to upgrade RAM in your PC.
  • Instead of using Wi-Fi, always try to use the Ethernet connection for surfing the internet. This will results in enhanced speeds for your devices, as well as reduced interference for your rest of the wireless devices like smartphones and tablets.

Why You Should Call Us?


Belkin Customer Support number

Dial our toll-free number +1-800-889-4715 any time, round the clock to get quick online remote assistance for all the technical problems related to the Belkin Routers. If you are looking to contact Setup Belkin Technical Support Number to resolve your problem, please get in touch with our Belkin Router support team to get the best customer support service at highly reasonable prices.

change belkin router password

How to Change Wi-Fi Password?

WiFi is of immense importance to anyone as it connects them to the world of the internet easily. But if you are not using a secured WiFi, it can expose your personal data to risk. You can secure your data by protecting your router’s password and altering it regularly. Change WiFi password to prevent your neighbors from stealing your bandwidth. There is no limit to the number of times you can change the password in a given time period.

A secure Wi-Fi network offers the convenience to connect wirelessly anywhere in your office or home or public places such as airports, restaurants, coffee shops, malls, shopping complexes etc. but if someone can steal your Wi-Fi password then it is a serious threat for your network security. If you want to Change Belkin Router Password then contact us immediately.

linksys router

Therefore it is essential for you to create a strong password and change your password at regular intervals to avoid any kind of misuse of your Wi-Fi network connection.

Follow the simple instructions below offered by the Belkin Support to change the Wi-Fi password of your Belkin Router.


  • Open the configuration page of your Belkin router.
  • Then input the username and password of the router.
  • Launch the Wireless section. When you are logged into your router, you will require searching the Wireless section in the configuration page.
  • If the “Wireless” section has various subsections, launch the Wireless Security page.
  • Then modify the password. Search for the box named “Passphrase”, “Shared Key” or “Password”. You can input the new password in this box.
  • Create a strong password with numbers, special characters, and alphabets which are unable to guess.
  • Then inspect your security kind. There are 3 kinds of wireless encryption: WPA, WPA2, and WEP. For the highly safe wireless network, you need to use WPA2 encryption.
  • Now modify the name of your Wi-Fi network.
  • The next step is to save the settings. When you are done then you need to input your new password and click on “Save” or “Apply” button.
  • After your settings are modified, you can connect to your wireless network using your new password.

Another Top 7 Tips To Change WiFi Password In A Short Span Of Time

Router’s Configuration Page

Open your router’s configuration page on any web browser on your device. If you are unaware of the WiFi password, connect your device(computer) directly to the router with an ethernet cable.

Put a standard router’s address in the address bar of your browser. If the address fails to open the configuration page, press and hold the ‘reset’ button on your router. It will convert the router to the default factory setting. Use the default address for the particular model of your router. Then type the address in your web browser. If your router has a configuration software, you can use that instead of the web browser interface.

Enter Your Router’s Credentials

Every router requires a username and password. You might not change the username or password when configuring your router for the first time. Hence, the probable username can be ‘admin’ or ‘user Admin’. But, the password can be either ‘admin’ or your current WiFi password. Still, you should check the login info for your router’s model over the internet. It can happen that you have changed the login credentials before but can’t remember it now. Therefore, press and hold the ‘reset’ button on your router for half a minute. The settings will be set to default and you can log in with the default username and password.

Choose The Wireless Section

After logging into your router, go to the wireless section of the configuration page. If the wireless section consists of several subsections, switch to the wireless security page.

Reset The Password

There is a specific box on the wireless security page. You can identify it by any of these three labels- ‘Password’, ‘Passphrase’ or ‘Shared Key’. Create a unique and complex password so that others cannot guess it easily. Do not create the password including your personal information. Instead, include more numbers, random cases, and special signs. Its minimum length should be of eight characters. You can change the Wi-Fi password with this step easily.

Check Out Your Wireless Encryption

There are three main types of wireless encryption. You can use WPA2 for a secured network and WPA for connecting to older devices. One can easily break the WEP encryption. So it is better to ignore it.

Change Your Network’s Name

Remember not to use any personal info in your network’s name. If you change the name, hackers will find it difficult to target. But if you keep a default name of your router’s network, hackers can easily guess it.

Save Your Router’s Settings

After entering the new password for your router, save it. Any connected devices to your router would be disconnected. Your router will take a couple of minutes to process the change in the settings. Then you can connect to your network by using the new password.

Why to Approach Us?

Belkin Customer Support number

This article gives you a clear idea of how to change WiFi password. You will be unable to initiate the process when your router is not suffering from any technical bugs. Otherwise, you will need to avail of our reliable technical assistance. If you face any trouble in solving your issue.

Call our toll-free number +1-800-889-4715 any time, round the clock for quick online assistance for all the technical issues related to the Belkin Routers. If you are looking to contact Belkin Technical Support to resolve your problem, please get in touch with our certified technicians to get the best customer support service at highly reasonable charges. Our customer-driven innovation leads to solutions and services that address real-world requirements.

Once you register your problem, our experts will provide with an ultimate solution. Also, you can live chat with us on our live chat portal. We will respond immediately.

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How to Connect a Belkin Router

3 Ways to Connect a Belkin Router

3 way to connect belkin router

You can set up your Belkin router to authorize all the devices and computers in your home to divide high-speed Internet connection therefore you can play games, check email, browse the Web, and much more. You can easily setup Belkin router by using the manual configuration procedure or by using the Belkin router driver disk. To Install Belkin Wireless Router contact our Belkin support team.

Steps to Connect a Belkin Router

Step 1: By Using Manual Configuration

  • Connect the Belkin router to the modem with an Ethernet cable.
  • Use another Ethernet cable to connect Belkin router directly to your computer.
  • Start the Internet browser on your PC and input “” into the address bar of the web browser.
  • Now click on “Login” at the top right corner in the Web page.
  • Do not input anything in the “password” field and click on the “Submit.”
  • Input the network details provided by your Internet Service Provider, then click on “Apply Changes.”

Step 2: By Using the Belkin Setup Disk

  • Connect the Belkin router to the modem by using an Ethernet cable.
  • Insert the Belkin router driver disk in the DVD drive on your PC.
  • Click on the “Run the Easy Install Wizard,” and perform the on-screen instructions to configure your internet connection.

Step 3: Fixing Belkin Router Setup Issues

  • Keep your Belkin router away from hindrances and gadgets that may be creating interference such as metal cabinets, cordless phones, aquariums, refrigerators, and microwave ovens that can disturb your router Wi-Fi signals.
  • Inspect the Ethernet cables for your Belkin router and modem if you are not able to create a connection between your PC and the router.
  • Push and hold the reset button for minimum fifteen seconds on your Belkin router if you are not able to log directly into the router.

Why Call Us?

Belkin Customer Support number

Belkin router issues can arise at any time and so it is necessary to take a professional advice from Belkin router customer support professionals, available online 24 hours a day with instant service. Customers facing numerous issues with Belkin routers can get in touch with our skilled technicians who bring world class router solutions at your home with the best-industry results at highly reasonable rates.  So, pick up your phone and call our Belkin Router Technical Support @ toll-free number +1-800-889-4715.