Belkin Router Won’t Turn On – Workable Solutions

Belkin in a famous brand in term of Routers. But chargers, SmartPhone other peripherals are the different products from the house as well. However, if you are facing this frightening issue of Belkin Router Won’t Turn On, then here is the solution. By studying this article, you will know the causes and the solutions for this problem.

Fix Belkin Router Won’t Turn On Issue: Professional Advice

Belkin router won’t turn on is an issue which occurs due to many factors but here are some of its solutions. Here we are discussing the ways which may be able to fix this issue.

First Step: Turn Off The Switches

As turning on is the initial step before using a router. However, after turning on the router if you face no lights issue then turn off the main power switch at which it is connected.

Second Step: Disconnect All The Wired Connections

After you turn off the power switch, then disconnect all the router wire connections very carefully. Try to detach all the cables without using any external strength. Because if you forcefully disconnect any wire connection, then it may worsen the condition, ending with a damaged wire.

Third Step: Place All The Wires Back To The Place

After the above process gets over then assemble the wires in its perfect areas. This is a time-consuming process as the user needs to check and then place the wires in its desired location.

Fourth Step: Switch On The Power Switch

Before turning on the power switch, again check that all the wires are in perfect place. After the investigation is over then turn on the current switch. And then check whether it works. And if not then it may relate to the hardware related issues.

Common Hardware Related Issues For Which Belkin Router Won’t Turn On

If after following the above procedures still, you are facing this annoying problem then this problem is due to Hardware issues. The causes can be as follows.

Wire Damage

If the power connecting wire gets damaged, then it can be the reason for which you are not able to use the Belkin Router device. In this case, at first, you need to check the router with another wire (it can be a new or from another device), but it needs to support the router. After that connect the router with this perfect condition wire and then by connecting with the power source if it works then you can rest. Otherwise, it may occur due to the below said reason.

Router Gets Damaged

If the above procedures do not work for you, then the cause is the major one, and that is the Belkin Router gets damaged. If this causing the problem, then you can do nothing about it without replacing with the new one. But before coming into a conclusion revise the above processes to check what is the condition of the router.

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Belkin Support Number

Applying the instructions from this article, you will be able to resolve the Belkin Router won’t turn on Issue, on your own. If you are facing any issues like this with the Belkin Router, then you can make a call to us on our Belkin Router Customer Support. Our toll- free number is active round the clock. You can send your service queries to us via our official Belkin email address. And to get the instant reply you can also drop your query to our live chat portal. Our technical team is quite expert to provide you with the service