Get Belkin Router Setup Instruction In 5 Minutes

Belkin is one of the most established brands of routers available nowadays. With its top-notch characteristic, it allows various configurations within the system. It supports both wireless and wired networks. But users do face a lot of issues while Belkin Router Setup. Are you also looking to know how To set up Belkin router?

Go through this article and get the best-in-class guidance to set up the Belkin router. If even after going through the guide you are unable to set up the router then contact us for expert guidance.

Tips About How To Set Up Belkin Router

The most crucial requirement about the Belkin router is the Internet connectivity. If the internet connectivity has difficulty, then it would be quite impossible to reset the system. Check the DHCP of the router and ensure it is enabled. Also, set the static IP and the Default gateway of the network.

Find if there are any missing files which might create any configuration errors. Use a valid username and password along with the gateway.

Easy Ways On How To Set Up Belkin Router

To set up the router first, navigate to the “Utilities” option and select the “Restore Factory Default” link. The link will generate information about the various configuration, the reset procedures require.

Select the “Restore Defaults” option and check the pop-up message on the web page. Select OK in the confirmation box and set the router for an auto reset. Once the device resets itself, then restart the computer.

Connectivity with the Modem

First of all, restart the computer. Plug in the router into the power and check the Ethernet wire connections. After that check the WAN port and attach it with the yellow section of the router. Once done with the process restart the system correctly.

Set the router using a phone

Open your phone and go to the Settings. Select the wireless network list there and connect with it. Type in the default IP and press Enter. In the Wireless config option reset the password and confirm security. Provide a specific name to the router and save the settings.

Connect the Ethernet cable to the device and enter the provided IP in the address box and press enter. Make sure you complete this process as the admin. Save the settings and select the wireless network. Disable SSID and continue with the process. Recheck the connectivity with the Wireless security option and enter the password in the WEP.

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